My Year in Pictures

By jenny

Queen for the day

And Isobel Mary Queen of Scots no less!

What a lovely evening yesterday.

Both James and Stephen were away so Mandy asked me over for dinner. I had been going to go home, however I found out through our hairdresser (Mandy had been in before me yesterday!) that Pimms was on the menu so decided a midweek proper night out was in order!

Fab evening with great chat, lovely food and some very nice Pimms!

Then went to bed and all was great until 2am when Sizzles kicked off barking and Bill decided to join in. Went down at 2.45am and (despite not being able to let Bill out for a wee as I didn't know where Mandy had put the key!) managed to quieten them both down.

Then I realised that the door to my room, even though it was shut, would move on it's hinges and make a banging sound on the frame.

Then by the time I fixed that, the birds had started their morning chorus!

I've come back home for a wee sneaky daytime snooze!

PS. Thanks Mandy - it was fab!

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