One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Not a rainbow shot

The rainbow was not necessary, the pot of gold was to be found in the Scottish Malt Whisky Society. 

My o my. What can I say? Thank you Meles and DaveH for what turned out to be a unique experience, in a unique setting and in great company. 

I know now what the ultimate hangover killer is:
- a tactical haggis/neeps/tatties at 7 PM
- a tactical pot of tea at 9 PM
- a 10 mile walk up the Craig, around Edinburgh & the Kingdom of Leith the following morning
- and three very fine malt whiskies in the afternoon 

I didn't eat or drink anything for hours after that last dram as I wanted to cherish the memory of that fine malt that was clinging to my taste buds.
I did not quite get all the rum and raisins and vanilla and leather and Hawaiian virgin's underwear aroma listed in the 4 page tasting note penned by guys who visibly consume a lot of the product before putting pen to paper.

All I can say is that the neat nose had a very distinct fragrance of sip-me-long-time.
The neat palate whispered some very naughty things to my tongue. And almost immediately acted on them. 
And the reduced palate had the kindness to light up the post-coital cigarette. 

I know that a lot of parents are kind of worried at the idea of letting their 20-something-in-search-of-themselves on a backpacking around the world trip. 
Then they decide that it is character-forming and that it teaches them a life lesson or two.

Well... I delivered a master class in middle-aged overweight snoring and IPA & chilli-infused grasshoppers farting to 5 unfortunate middle-class kids who shared my dorm in the Kickass Hostel the night before.

They did find themselves! 
In a taxi on the way to the airport, to catch the first flight back home to become lentil soup eating yoga teachers. 
They have seen the evil of pints drinking and Haggis/neeps/tatties turned into methane gas... 

It has been an action-packed weekend in Edinburgh, thank you Chica, I owe you big time! I had a blast while you looked after the Midgets on Acid. 

If you want to see the uncensored rest of the Embra trip, please be my guest:
Edinburgh colour
Edinburgh mono 
Edinburgh, a quick architectural tour 

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