One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

A day of raised fingers, and raised highbrows...

It had started on a high note, and the raised finger was my pinkie, as I carefully lifted my cup of tea to my lips, in the artfully decorated Dower House, hardly believing my luck at having been granted a rare audience with Lady Findhorn and His Lordship. 
I was flabbergasted when I realised that I was invited to rest my cup on the "His Lordship" coaster.
Some honours are just simply too great for a man of lower extraction, and too much responsibility to carry. I was petrified at the idea of dropping even a molecule of tea onto the hallowed artefact. 
I considered asking about the possibility of having a lesser coaster placed over his Lordship's one but I got shy. 
I had a most pleasant blether with Her Ladyship and many topics were covered while I sipped my tea (a skill I wish I had managed to keep up all day...), from travel to parenting to today's workplace to grand-parenting to legacy & recording of the present for the future generations. 
We also discussed David77's somewhat inconsistent use of the subjunctive mood, a weak spot for a pedant who so publicly ridicules those who misuse their possessive pronouns. 

Whatever compelled me then to leave this haven of good taste and refinement to join a bunch of hoodlums in a shabby public house is beyond me... 

What happens in Cafe Royal, stays in Cafe Royal (or is soon forgotten in an Armageddon of neurons while slumped in an armchair at 1 AM).

Unless some bollix has a camera...  
In this case there were 9 of these bollixes. 
An old tribe of misfits formerly known as blippers. 
Gathered by 'imindoors for a wake. 

The password to the shocking scenes that took place in the Cafe Royal has only be shared with the participants ('imindoors,Mr Smith, Red, Instography, Jaybroek, Dwalletta, Craftynini and Cigs

Others can procure it for a small fee.  

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