Travels Through A Lens

By SnapshotSam

What A Wednesday!

Started off at college finishing the 3 day taster photography foundation degree. It was very interesting and I learned a few things.

Then up to the allotment where the earth had dried out so much it looked like a desert with deep cracks in it, so everything got a thorough watering. The plants were fine. It had been forecast to rain but it was still hot and with little or no rain for quite a few days.

The lovely Rachel organised a mini midweek blip meet and as I haven't made any in the past due to work or being away I finally met some of the wonderful blippers in my area, including

Paul, the blipstar of the landscapes shots and witty and captivating write ups who had his photo on BBC local weather on Tuesday. Paul is a regular contributor and commentator, an inspiration, a friend and and is one of the people I so wanted to meet and is as charming in real life as he comes across on blip.

Nikos who I've just met on blip and then in real life as he's a local lad but originally from Greece, full of charm and a wide smile. He ran home over the moors at 10.30pm!

The equally wonderful Bob who has so many great stories and just so enthusiastic it's contagious. Check out his legs currently showing on his journal :)

The lovely Wendy who is my blip mum as Wendy commented on my first journal entry back in August 2011 and it was so good to finally meet and learn some blip stories.

Jonnie, another lovely person and looking forward to seeing his journal.

There were a few local blippers not there and I'm looking forward to meeting them one day too, I hope.

Thank you Rachel for organising and I love your outlook on life and blip :)

Whilst in the pub, which is next to a river, the heavens opened and there was a deluge. It stopped by the time we left and the air was fresh as we all made our way home to blip or not to blip depending on whether it had been done that day or not.

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