Wide-Angle Wednesday: "Looking Up Blip"

Topday's wide-angle challenge is to do a "Looking Up Blip". I thought I'd take this literally and take a shot of looking up blip in the Oxford English Dictionary. I find the definitions rather amusing and hope you do too (I particularly like the idea of a twitch - as we click the mouse or tap our screen to upload our photo, which may indeed be accompanied by a short beep or even a quick popping sound!).

I used my zoom on its widest angle setting, plus an additional close-up lens on the front.

Many thanks indeed to hobbs who I think thought up the wide-angle challenge and has hosted it brilliantly. I note that he's planning a well-earned break now and is asking if anyone wishes to look after it for a while. Unfortunately I'm not in a position to do so at present myself but will very happily participate if anyone else takes it on :)

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