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By creativelenna

Look into the world of Lightning . . . .

Steve has just recently built an addition onto Lightning's first cat condo-tree. The new one came in a very large box labelled, "The Kitty Mansion" -ha! Steve agreed happily to build it. Anything to keep our rambunctious indoor kitten-cat both occupied/active and happy! 

Lightning is sitting on the tallest level of the smaller cat tree in my photo. We set them up back to back so Lightning could use them both together. They are supported on the back of the "sleeping" boxes/cubbies. The new tree is considerably taller {67"} but Lightning has already been to the top and down again. We believe he gives it a "paws up!"

It's fun. I like to see him exploring, observing and enjoying . . .  and he has a view of the river!! Lucky cat!!

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