the weather has changes and it's raining since the afternoon. Rain water is so healthy for the plants and the trees too. It started to be too dry already.
Yesterday I wanted to help Mischa with the big trunk that could be used to sit upon and I miscalculated in throwing it from me and it hit Mischa on her leg near her foot. A nasty grazed skin was the result. So today for her a restful day with a book on the balcony.
I went donw the hill to look at the swan pair, and one was sitting still on the nest, the male walked towards her and started to talk to her. Perhaps he was saying, these eggs will not do, I am afraid, but I am here for you if you want new ones.
I will never leave you, we are a pair for life.

My haiku:

The earth sips the drops
More, more, she cries, the flowers
Yearn already a long time

And the french proverb:

Do you wish people think well of you? Don't speak.

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