Soapbox Thursday - Pie in the Sky

I enjoy the various Blip challenges.  A new one is Soapbox Thursday, hosted by ouroregon1, which is an opportunity to describe how the world could be better, if I have caught the drift correctly.

Brittish Blippers may have noticed that there is an election campaign on at present. Having endured it so far, I am increasingly disenchanted by the vague, all things to all people, waffle that masquerades as political discourse.  To illustrate, here are the titles of the five main parties' manifestos for 2015 - 

Britain can be better; 
a brighter, more secure future; 
stronger economy, fairer society; 
believe in Britain; 
for the common good. 

Is that really the best they can come up with?

Of course, it is all pie in the sky and, lo and behold, that is what my blip shows today.  You can see it, can't you?  Well, I can. 

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