... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

What The Cat Brought In

Cuter and more colourful in large.

My brother told me that he'd locked the cats in because they'd brought in a bird. He rescued it and put on the table outside, so I zoomed out with my camera. It had (apparently) been there for 15 minutes, and I only got this one shot before it stirred and fluttered off. Nice to see it anyway, even if it didn't behave as hoped (wren photo session!).

I stopped by Eagle Pond briefly and the Goosles were there! They were being chased by the Canada goose when I arrived, so I chased it off. Mrs. is very low-slung and definitely looks ready to lay eggs... I've uploaded some Goosle pics to Flickr (right from here), and were it not for the wren, I'd have struggled to choose a Goosle pic...
Mrs. and Mr.: wind-ruffled
Mr.: so v. handsome
Mr.: wind-ruffled
Mr. and Mrs. stare at their island from across the water

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