Animals in action - dogs

Well, fled back to England shortly after my Easter travel back to the south England. This time the North East!

I had a 'host' family in Newcastle, although strictly I never lodged at their home. I met C+D, my dear 'host' parents, at a church event for international students when I first arrived and mostly in need of support and comfort. They've been a great family-like care, actually, over the years. And so later whenever I got a chance to get back to Newcastle, I would revisit them in person, despite the email contacts.

Now this time, I brought Emily to my 'host' parents and they kindly offered an English celebration - going to Jesmond Dene Hotel for afternoon tea. It was a great and relaxed chat over coffee/tea/scone. 

These animals at the reception hall and corridors made us feel particularly welcoming, too. My host parents love cats and they have three at home.

Later in the evening we moved on to visit an old friend who has settled down as a Research Associate. He has a pet dog which looks much more excited and entertaining to us than his owner. I guessed we had cat smell first and now dog's.

Good night, blip friends!

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