Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Yellow Skunk Cabbage

When I said yesterday I was challenging myself to produce something different today, I certainly didn't mean this, which isn't really that different in terms of subject matter at all.  However, it wasn't taken in Winchester (rather west of Romsey, where I went for my 'bank job'!), is in full colour and shows flower spikes of a kind I certainly haven't seen before.  I think I have successfully identified the strange yellow spathes next to the primroses and snowflakes as Lysichiton americanus, or Yellow Skunk Cabbage to you and me.  So I thought I'd add it into the mix for FlowerFriday, kindly hosted by BikerBear (thank you BB!).

Tonight I'm off to the local theatre to see The Picture of Doreen Gray, so what commenting I don't get done tonight I will do in the morning.

Have a happy Friday evening  xx

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