Bowood 2015 #13 (Sunday 5th April 2015)

After I visited the grounds for the first time this year I discovered that neither camera I had used contained a memory card, so I was careful not to repeat the error, and tried to look at the same subjects as before, not to retake the same pictures but at least to cover the same ground. These included the magnificent redwoods, the various varieties of daffodil and the magnolia blossom that I knew would be over all too soon.

I walked down to the waterfall. Primroses flourished alongside the stream and the air was still above the lake. Ducks, geese, lesser black backed and herring gulls, coots and great crested grebes glided serenely across its surface.

I chose this blip, again the last image I took on the day, because it combined several of the elements that I knew would be short-lived. Other images, including the few iPad pictures I took on the previous visit, are in the album linked to below.

17.4.2015 (2044 hr)

Blip #1547 (#1797 including archived blips)
Consecutive Blip #005
Day #1838
LOTD #782 (#902 including archived blips)

Two Visits To Bowood, 27 March and 5 April 2015 (Flickr album)

Lenses: Pentax 55-300 mm with 1.4 converter, Pentax 17-70 mm (Blip), iPad

Bowood 2015 series
Bowood series
Bowood 2013-2015 (Flickr collection)(Work in progress)
Landscape series

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