Spring Comes to Childhood's Gate

Springtime has arrived at the Arboretum, with blooms and bees popping out everywhere. The daffodils are fairly bursting with fancy yellow and white flowers. And over by the solar clock, hundreds if not thousands of tulips are getting ready to bloom in the coming few weeks. What a show that will be!

The place was bustling on this day, with workers everywhere doing all kinds of garden things: raking up leaves, working on getting the fountain back in business, spreading fresh mulch, filling the planters with flowers.

When I caught sight of the yellow daffodils near the Witness Tree, I couldn't resist a few shots of the tree and the blooms. The gates and transformational canopy of the children's garden, Childhood's Gate, appear in the background.

I selected this shot because of the way the tree, daffodils, and canopy frame the shot; and how the curves of the canopy seem to complete the curve of the branches of the Witness Tree.

The soundtrack has to be a song about springtime, and so here is one by Santana, called Primavera (which means Springtime). Somewhat related: Primavera is also, as you may know, the name of a famous Botticelli painting about springtime.

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