Vernal Pool Deep in the Heart of Sproul

After a Saturday spent at home recharging our batteries and relaxing on the deck, my husband and I were ready to hit the woods again on Sunday morning. So we packed up a few quick things and headed for the deep woods of Sproul State Forest.

We had a destination in mind: the little vernal pool not far from the campsite we call Pine Glen. You may remember the little pond. I posted a photo or two of it in the past few months, as the pond has been gearing up for the amphibians' peak time.

Though I did not spy any actual tadpoles or frogs in the pond on this day, we were happy to discover even more amphibian eggs this time. Alas, we did not catch any glimpses of the elusive fisher we sighted near this spot upon our last visit. But it was still a fine time indeed.

With just our daysacks and chairs, it was an easy hike in and out. Unlike one or two others I've had lately, mentioning no names; and no stream crossings. ;-) The weather was delightful, once again. And so we sat and enjoyed our books, and some music, and the gorgeous day, and were happy.

I think I will let the soundtrack to this image be one of the songs that we were listening to on the iPod and speakers while we were there, and so this is the one I choose: Fleetwood Mac, with Rhiannon, from The Dance.

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