Caturday Fun: Just Chillin' with Dexter

Have I mentioned that we've had a string of gorgeous, just about absolutely perfect days? They've featured blue skies, abundant sunshine, and warmer temperatures that sometimes felt more like summer even than spring. The light has been especially nice, very bright and intense and golden.

I had marked several vacation days from work, and we used them well. Wednesday and Thursday, we backpacked into the Hammersley Wild Area and saw a coyote, and ate at KFC on the way home. Friday we hiked at Whipple Dam and had a fabulous lunch at Couch's.

Saturday was the opening day of fishing season, and it was also the day of the Blue-White Game, which at Penn State is big doings. We thought about some places we might want to go, but weighed them against local traffic congestion and annoyance factors. The one place we had NOT spent much time lately was home, and so in the end, that's what we decided to do: stay home!

And so we opened up the deck doors and got out our chairs and put up some folding tables and sat in the sun. We listened to music, read our books; I painted my toenails purple. And as it was Caturday, we spent some quality time with our delightful tabbycat, Dexter, whom we had not seen much of lately!

Dexter is an indoor-only cat, but several times a day, we carry him with us outside to sit and enjoy the day. So before our deck time was over, I brought him out and Dexter got his turn in the sun.

When we were done sunning, I brought my folding chair along in from outside, and of course, Dexter was quick to claim it. Somehow, he always seems to find the best light and poses in it to his best advantage. What a cool cat, and how fun to get to spend a Caturday with him!

The soundtrack to accompany this sunny image of Dexter on a laid-back, summery Caturday is Squeeze, with Cool for Cats.

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