In Which I Finally Get Enough Cole Slaw! (Maybe)

There is one topic that you can ALWAYS get backpackers to talk about, and that is FOOD! Because one thing is for sure. Backpackers are always hungry. A happy topic of conversation, lovingly discussed in the backcountry, is food: food we have already had, or food we are going to have.

I mentioned that we stopped at the Kentucky Fried Chicken in Lock Haven on Thursday on our way home from backpacking in the Hammersley Wild Area. At the KFC, I had a two-piece dark meat meal that featured mashed potatoes and gravy and a drink and a cookie. My husband got the cookie; I ate the rest. I bought an individual size cole slaw to go along with it; it was perfect, absolutely perfect.

And then on Friday, my husband and I went hiking at Whipple Dam one day before the opening of fishing season. But before that, we had a lovely lunch at Couch's Restaurant in McAlevy's Fort, just a few miles down the road. This was my meal there: a hot turkey sandwich and fries with gravy, and triple cole slaw!

Now, the meal does not actually come with three cole slaws; it comes with one, and I have to barter a bit to get up to three. The standard meal comes with the hot sandwich and fries (or mashed potatoes) and gravy if you want it, and a roll, and a veggie. I'm not overly fond of their veggies, so I asked to replace the veggies with an extra slaw, and they obliged.

Then I traded my roll to my husband for HIS cole slaw. Thus, I ended up with three! I wasn't going to tell you this, but I'll come clean: I also bought an extra container of cole slaw to take home! And wasn't it great that I got to have really good cole slaw two days in a row? For the cole slaws at KFC and Couch's run neck and neck, taking turns at the number one slot. And so it was that my couple of days of vacation turned into the great central Pennsylvania cole slaw tour!   :-)

The song to accompany this image describes how we felt when we emerged from the woods. Here's Duran Duran, with Hungry Like the Wolf.

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