The Secret Garden

It was Easter, and time for church, and for family. My husband and I traveled to the Johnstown area, as is our Easter tradition. It turned out to be quite a warm day, with temperatures around 80 degrees F. We enjoyed a fine church service; visited with family; had a lovely meal.

I discovered a little wooden box sitting atop a table by a lamp and opened it up. What did I spy but a pretty Thomas Kinkade image inside the lid, and a tiny secret garden that featured a gazebo, a bridge, and white swans on a pond.

Well, you know who wanted to explore that itty-bitty garden more than anything, and of course, I let them out so they could all enjoy the scene. The Crittergators admired the white gazebo and tripped like tiny trolls across the wee bridge. What a wonderful Easter surprise: a secret garden, just their size!

The soundtrack: John Denver, with a children's tune, Garden Song.

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