Ohhh Baby

I love you :)

First babies of the Season at the Lake :)  For those who don't know, these are Goslings :)

Another rough night (stress symptoms of thumping head and heart despite taking calms before I went to bed) led to a very lazy day and I didn't go to the lake til about half past four (when it was getting less crowded).   

Oh the rubbish people leave behind, its unbelievable...  Why do those of us that care end up going round picking up rubbish other's leave behind?  If everyone took their own home it would be less of a battle!

I was on a roll as I came home and cut the grass patch for the first time this year whilst dinner was cooking :)

Now I've had dinner and back in pjs for the rest of the evening (hoping to sleep tonight after all that fresh air!!!)...

Happy Saturday folks :)

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