Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Layered light

It was wet and cloudy most of the day, but as I came home in the early evening, there were breaks through which the sun was brightly spotlighting patches of the green landscape. In Arnside, the light was catching the mudflats off the pier, turning them monochrome. I've left in the greenery on the far side of the estuary to show this is naturally desaturated. After a prolonged absence my solitary gull has returned.

Reg has enjoyed his time in the Spotlight, thank you. The tracker has stayed on today, so we located him quickly in his hiding place under a dense canopy of Salvia leaves. It was a clever spot to retreat to in the showers, as the umbrella-like broad leaves shed the water and he stayed dry. Not that he isn't well waterproofed - but at least he kept the tracker dry.

That's it. My last day at work for 5 whole days!

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