Portrait of the Artist with Still Life

We tried a new cafe in Stratford this morning. Scholars based in an old school on the corner of Henley Street. This used to be a youth centre and drop-in cafe; obviously capitalism triumphed over social need. Although the place was very interesting inside, the coffee was not up to our exacting standards, so it’s back to Nero next week.
This afternoon we visited our two favourite out-of-town antique centres looking for suitcases, don't ask!  I did find an old slide rule and triangular ruler for £5; I always envied those kids at school who had slide rules, I thought they must be so brainy, all I have to do now is learn how to use it.  Anyway whilst there I took one or two arty pictures, and one pretty one; the arty pic won out in the Blip stakes. 
We listened to part of the semi-final on 5 Live whilst out, good win for Villa, shame they now have to face Arsenal rather than Reading.
This evening we continued with the Mad Men Series Seven download box set. Having missed the last three of four series we thought it may be interesting to watch the final one.

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