By AH14

Blue Eagle

Firstly, thank you all so much for all your wonderful comments, stars and hearts that has placed yesterday's Sunrise in the Costa del Sol blip on page one of 'Popular'! The sunrise was well worth getting up for and I'm so glad that you enjoyed it, too :))

Today I went up the mountain in the cable car with my youngest son to see the birds of prey display - and what a display it was! It was wonderful to see the birds flying high and disappearing from sight, returning when called (or when they felt like it!)

I've chosen to blip the blue eagle because he was truly magnificent and I don't believe I've seen one before. However, there are a couple of seriously cute baby owl photos that you may enjoy taking a quick look at. If you've time to peruse my other shots of the birds of prey, you can see them here!

Really is so much better seen in LARGE

Day 24 of Blipout2015, suggested by PaulFS,  making the most of the daylight by only blipping outdoor photos until the clocks change in October.

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