Still digging in the lovely garden.
I came back today a little red on the arms and neck, it was gorgeously sunny all day.
At least I remembered to put a bit of sunscreen on that bit at the small of the back between the trousers and the T-shirt that's exposed when you bend over!
Found some interesting stuff today, potentially. We'll find out tomorrow if our hypotheses are correct.

The blip is of an almost Farage-worthy bit of discrimination; this electrified fence was put up to keep badgers out of the garden! It only has to be a couple of low wires...well, they've only got short legs and they're not exactly athletic, bless them. ;)

Good news about birds, as well. EJ at Loch Garten has two eggs, and the new Loch of the Lowes female has three. I watched an epic battle over site this a.m. with two crows mobbing a buzzard and this evening I saw my first swallow of the year :)

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