A Lovely Evening

I nearly forgot to take a photo today.  I spent much of the day trying to finish the novel that was to be discussed at our book club gathering tonight - yes, even though I'm now retired I haven't actually found enough time in the past six weeks to read all of it!  By the time I thought to get the camera out I was disappointed to find that it was raining a bit, which meant no chance of getting any nature-related shots outside.  So I began to set up a still-life on my desk, and then noticed one of my aeroplane mobiles (I have five of them around the flat) silhouetted against the evening sky.  By now it had stopped raining and the sun was sinking behind the horizon.  Happy with my serendipitous photo opportunity, I put the camera away again just in time to hurry round to Naomi's house for a lovely evening with the girls.

And only half of us had finished the book.

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