Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Rudry Ridge

We have friends coming late this afternoon, and I'm going to the Cardiff City v Blackpool game this afternoon, so it's a case of getting an early blip photo.

A friend of mine, Dave, has a farm on the ridge opposite Rudry Common and the views from it are phenomenal. On the Caerphilly side is a lovely view of the second biggest castle in Britain, and 20 metres the other side of the ridge path is views over The Bristol Channel and Cardiff.

Dave keeps sheep, cows and chickens - so I bought a dozen free range eggs and then went for a stroll on the ridge where I grabbed a few photos. The view was fairly clear. The blip photo is of Penarth Head, Nr Cardiff, and has to be some 12 or so miles away from the ridge. It was taken hand held.

On getting back to the farm yard, I spoke to Dave who is a lovely bloke and made arrangements to leave my car there whenever I want as parking is so tight on the lane. His farm house dates from the 16th Century and was formerly a Coaching Inn. He had documents saying Oliver Cromwell stayed there during the seige of Caerphilly Castle area (March 1646).

The church you can see on Penarth Head is St Augustines (1814), and underneath is Cardiff Bay with the dominant St Davids Hotel (with bird like structure on the roof). Outside the Bay is The Bristol Channel but due to a slight haze, today you cannot make out anything on the Somerset coastline.

I posted up last night's blip late, so if you haven't seen it, please have a look.

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