An Unexpected Waterfall

I wanted a waterfall today. I had a hunt on the maps and internet to find one and the most suitable seemed to be Broad Falls on the Dart River. I haven't been there before but I've been up to Horseshoe Falls which is a lovely walk. Like so many of Dartmoor's river falls is more of a weir than a true falls. 

It's only a couple of miles, a nice level walk along a river bank.  Except with Devons granite river banks, they do go up and down quite a lot. It was lovely walking through the woods. Lots of pretty little spring flowers, lots of birds flitting about and lots of lovely warbler sounds in the distance the fresh spring foliage looked beautiful. As I walked along  the high path I passed the Horshoe Falls and a little further on, as I came round a turn in the path, suddenly this gorgeous waterfall appeared washing down the valley side.

After taking my shots I walked on and must have gone right past Broad Falls. It wasn't evident any more than other white water section of the river but I'm pleased that I found this little beauty.

My plus one today is a small study from near the centre of the image

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