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By shotlandka

Countess Dracula

A very entertaining evening at the theatre today. A friend from the International English Club was in the Oxford Brookes Drama and Improv Society production of Countess Dracula, so a group of us went along to support her. Sadly she is the only character I don't have any decent photos of, as she was playing a mysterious monster that was entirely dressed in black and appeared only when there was little or no light and my camera wasn't up to it! I took a lot of photos, I do like it when they don't forbid photography as actors combined with decent theatrical lighting is so much fun for photography. So here you have Countess Dracula and Professor Van Helsing facing up to each other near the end of the play. They all did well, especially the actress playing Renfield, who was the comic turn, a mental patient and an unwilling servant of the countess, who was absolutely fantastic.

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