12 Hours....

I've been away from home for 12 hours

Taxi to station at 8.30am
Train to Reading

Waiting connecting train at Reading for a whole hour as I couldn't get onto either the first, second or third train because there were too few carriages :(

Frozen (I had to have coffee and a muffin to warm up) 

I do not like Reading's brand new stark freezing station!!!

Train to Paddington
Tube to Earls Court
Tube to Kew Gardens

Short walk to my uncle and aunt's house
Socializing with aunts, uncles, cousins, brother and sister in law and parents
Walk to Kew Gardens with family

Found the tree my Nan's ashes are scattered under and had a toast in champagne (my Nan would have been 99 tomorrow)

The children played
We all chatted, then some went back to Uncle and Aunt's house

I went on a Photography walk around the gardens and into the palm houses :)  Walked back to Uncle and Aunts

Late lunch
Socialising with family

Left with my Dad and Stepmum and we caught the tube together
despite delays on the tubes (due to 'crowd' control??) got to Paddington 

Amazingly in time for a train at 6.27pm, where I managed to get a seat but many didn't!

Another 30 minute wait at Reading :(

Train home
Walked in the door exactly 12 hours after I left this morning!  PHEW :)

In pjs, just chilling watching Vera and sorting photographs (I will put more on flickr tomorrow), then bed!

Really lovely to see family and go to Kew Gardens, but travelling has been rubbish generally today :)

Apologies for lack of commenting on your journals, hope you all had a great weekend!  

Happy Sunday folks :)

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