Tutto bene

By Blackdrake


...I know, I know, I've take it too far :-) 

Dropped A off at the gym, then E and I went up to Mugdock Country Park for a walk and fresh air.  When we got there it was hailing, so we had lunch in the cafe then had our walk.  Ears, fingers, ankles and bums - freezing!!! This little blast of winter is my fault, I take full responsibility - a few days ago I packed away the winter coats etc, see? All my fault.

On the way up to Mugdock I saw adorable little lambs with black heads, white bodies and little black stripes on their knees, I couldn't stop but if I get time during the week I may go hunting for them to Blip, they were so cute! So a blonde Heilan Coo instead, trying to hide from me.

Roofer dude turned up - phew! He had a go at rodding the pesky pipe, couldn't find a blockage but wasn't able to get the rods around one of the bends so I'm falling back on my CCTV idea to see what's what.  
I got the woodwork and panelling around the window painted, looks great so I'm pleased with it.  It's the same old story, make the house look great - then leave!  I should have done it years ago! Walls tomorrow I think.
Hope you've all had lovely weekends.


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