Tutto bene

By Blackdrake

Emergency kitten blip alert!

None of the photos I took today (there were only a few) really worked. This is the best of a bad bunch to be honest. It's really just filling a space where I don't want there to be a day missed. Such is the way some days I suppose. However, they were snuggling up in a very awwww fashion.

In the afternoon the kids and I went to Ikea, had lunch and did some purchasing of things we actually went there to buy...on purpose...with intent. Not a scented candle in sight. So I can finally frame a few pictures I've had lying around...for years. We also bought funky material to make our own notice boards from boring old £3 Asda cork boards. So good fun all round...and meatballs and ice cream too!
Hoping tomorrow I manage a decent blip...don't hold your breath!

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