Gold Rain

Another warm dry day and the phone call from Farmer Franz that he was coming to collect our horse muck heap. Normally I Blip them loading but today accompanied Franz out to the field to see where our valuable, special worm packed muck landed and make sure they had a good home.

"Worm management" is increasingly becoming important in farming here. Even see, usually in organic farms, signs saying they are taking part in schemes to increase the worm population on their fields. 

Dry weather meant Franz and son Markus could do the work without making any mess. They are always very careful anyway but it's quite usual to have bits of earth & muck fly off the tyres around the house.  Also very honoured that Franz rented the spreader just to do our one load (10m³), his own muck heap wasn't rotted enough.

I had an appointment in Memmingen, arranged by my urologist, for an "Arterial blood gas" test at another specialist with the machine to carry it out. When I got there they said the machine had just broken down and they would contact me when it was working again.

Took the opportunity of being in Memmingen to go to a local DIY/Garden Center and stock up on cheap annuals for baskets and troughs. Possibly due to the night frosts of the last two days, they had quite a lot of reduced price plants.

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