Lala's Journal

By Lala

Fifty shades of Green

As I walked through the grounds this morning to meet today's school I was struck by how any different shades of green there were in this scene. Nothing more than that for the photo!

I wanted to add another one on the 'extras' but it won't let me. I took a photo of my camellias going brown and was hoping Dave would be able to tell me what I am doing wrong.

On a lighter note, last year I noticed a change in my voice. I went to the Doc's who sent me for tests etc. An anxious wait for camera up nose and down throat which ruled out any nasties. The NHS wheels turn very slowly and it is only recently that the mixed diagnosis of LPR and stress has been recorded. Today I had an appointment to learn The correction procedures....copious amounts of water to keep throat hydrated, meds for the LPR and excercises. I kid you not. Every hour (seriously) I am supposed to perform 4 occluded tongue trills and then silent giggles.

I have already been in trouble with husband this evening for 'trilling' during his TV and I can just imagine what my colleagues will think ( and also be very verbal about). if I persist every hour in the office!

I am beginning to like my hoarse gravelly voice!

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