Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

...Get out!

I frequently get my best shots when I am firing off continuously, trying to capture some action. This was the case today. Sitting having my morning tea, Big Daddy at hand, when two finches landed on the plant hanger at the edge of my deck. I thought they looked cute, so I hoisted BD and started firing shots. The sequence I got was really fun and included some courtship feeding, but it was this shot that made me laugh. Seriously, doesn't it look like she is telling him to get out? And his little red head is hung in defeat. I posted the series in House Finch Encounter in Blipfolio so you can see the sequence of events. Maybe some of the captions will give you a laugh.

I also went over to Kittatinny for a walk around Twin Lakes, hoping to catch sight of the elusive Bittern (no such luck, although i did hear him). However, the lakeside was swarming with dragonflies and BD and I had a blast taking shots of them. I posted 8 shots over on Flickr if you'd care to have a look. Any of your folks who know your dragons, maybe you could help me with and ID on some of them? I've got id's on some, but can't find the others readily in my field guide. Any help appreciated!

Thanks for liking my little katy-did-what yesterday - glad that some of you enjoy corny humor as much as I do! Now that summer is upon us, my dilemna will be weather to blip bugs or birds ... or flowers! So many choices...

Happy Saturday!

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