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By pontycyclops

Super Furry Animals - Cardiff Students Union

Time for another gig!

It was time to see Gruff Rhys with his original mates, having seen him as a solo artist a few months back.

I was never really into the Super Furrys I must admit, and it was only the back filling of a catalogue from getting into the American Interior album by Gruff that made me decide to go to this gig.

I am rather glad I did, I think this was possibly the "I was there.." gig for 2015. It sold out in a matter of an hour, as it was their first gig for five or six years. It was also the first time I have been to the Students Union as a venue since I saw Faith No More there back in about 1992 (I think).

They were supported by the Magic Numbers who did a decent set, I was keeping an eye on the bassist for tips!

The place went mental when the Super Furrys came out. The run through an exhausting set of twenty five songs in just over two hours on stage. We were right down the front until the very last song, when the place went completely bat shit crazy. I went to take a photo as they had come back out in their yeti suits, in the end I was just hanging to my phone for grim death as I was just knocked flying. I lost Dawn, Gareth and Gemma in the mosh pit! I was soaked in beer, I slammed from behind twice and my toes must have resembled tenderised steak!

That my friend is how you finish a rock concert! Simply brilliant!

The set list for those who care about such matters is below!

•  (A) Touch Sensitive
•  (Drawing) Rings Around The World
•  Do Or Die
•  God! Show Me Magic
•  Bad Behaviour
•  Demons
•  Northern Lites
•  Ymaelodi â'r Ymylon
•  Y Gwyneb Iau
•  Nythod Cacwn
•  Pan Ddaw'r Wawr
•  Bleed Forever
•  Run! Christian, Run!
•  Hello Sunshine
•  Hometown Unicorn
•  Zoom!
•  Arnofio / Glô in the Dark
•  Ice Hockey Hair
•  Gwreiddiau Dwfn/Mawrth Oer Ar y Blaned Neifion
•  Slow Life
•  Golden Retriever
•  Receptacle For The Respectable
•  Fire In My Heart
•  Mountain People
•  The Man Don't Give a Fuck

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