It was a bit of a shock to the system when my alarm went off at 6.30am this morning. It was tempting to snuggle down back under the duvet for a couple of hours but instead I jumped in the shower, made two travel mugs full of tea, went to Tescos for change and carrier bags and then headed to the car boot sale.
I met Mrs B in a lay-by nearby so we could go in together. I got mobbed as soon as I opened my boot and it stayed pretty busy for the next few hours. It was freezing and I ended up like the Michelin Woman in all my layers. But still had freezing feet!
All my boxes of tat got whittled down to just a couple which was fabulous. Honestly, the things people will buy!! 
Mrs B did well too so it was a good morning all round.
Mr K took the Little Misses to John Lewis for lunch not long after I got home and I got into the bath. I kept falling asleep so I got out and got into bed! I couldn't sleep in bed so had a lovely hour or so reading my book.
After my efforts earlier in the day I thought I'd earned a lazy afternoon!

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