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A busy final day of the latest session of Daddy only parental control. After an early trip to the Post Office to collect something I suspect the temporary postman could have tried harder to get to us directly we went off to swimming.

At swimming another parent offered me a replacement buggy board, which although not probably the correct one for out buggy we got it to fit. It was nice to have this replacement ready before Wifes imminent arrival.

After lunch we headed out to see if we could see my picture in the local PRIMARY exhibition. They have set it out really interestingly by getting all the pictures printed on wallpaper and the coated the walls. After a bit of hunting we found my shot so as usual the little ones had to have their picture taken.

We then headed out into the sunshine, bumped into some friends and then ended up in a massive kids jubilee party in a church. Tons of party food and crafts fun was had before we rushed home to see the return of Wife.

Its our wedding anniversary too today. Five years ago we wed in the sunshine, seems a long time ago now. To celebrate we had dippy eggs for dinner.

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