River Medway from Allington Sluices

Mum wanted some wool, so for a run out on this bank holiday weekend Saturday, we headed for Hobbycraft in Maidstone and had a wonderful time browsing, and yes, we did buy her wool!

We then took the slow road stopping off at Allington Lock near the Malta Inn.  This used be a well known and liked public house on the riverside, but recently has gone a bit downhill. Nevertheless, we enjoyed a coffee while people watching. 

A quick (well as quick as Mum can manage) stroll took us onto the bridge over the Allington Sluice gates where I took this.  The gates were opened in 1937 to help control flooding - which going by the high flood water marks on a nearby lockside cottage must work as the last record was in 1925 (at shoulder height)

I've been playing with the new HDR option in LR6, but  have come to the conclusion that it is a bit limited, certainly on the shots I have taken so far. This one was processed  in full Photoshop which gives much more flexibility.  Though as with all HDR, you need to have constraint or a much lighter touch than I currently have!  My laptop screen, albeit calibrated, is also prone to give false-looking  effects, so I may have to redo it on my "big" desktop when I get a chance

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