Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Packet Pub

What an awful rainy day, which no doubt has ruined many peoples long May Day weekend. Mrs Bob Blips is off tomorrow for four days - so hopefully it'll brighten up a bit.

After using a money off voucher, and fuelling up the car for a long drive to visit friends Tuesday, and stay overnight, I took the opportunity to pop in and visit the parents. They were busy watching the snooker. My mum is only 77 but struggles to walk far because of her weight - so different to Gladys whom I blipped on Friday. She doesn't want to go on any breaks or holidays. My dad is a fit 83 year old but has put a few pounds on because of a botched hip op 18 months ago. In contrast, my mothers brother (83) who has a few health problems phoned when I was there to say him and my Aunty were off tomorrow for a fortnight in Gran Canaria. I think I'd rather be off somewhere than watching tv all day!

They don't live far from Cardiff Bay so I stopped off on the way home to have a walk around and grab a blip photo. It's of The Packet Pub, and I liked the man in the doorway having a bag of chips and a fag. I was a few feet from him such is the impressive 180 degree view of the fisheye lens which has also grabbed a woman about to walk by. I also like the old man looking out of the pub window.

The Packet Pub was built in1864, a hotel mainly for sailors. There is an unwritten law that a sailor caught with the tide out must be given boarding. The pub name derives from the packet steamers that used to frequent the docks. Extended in1985 , consuming the house next door.
Stained glass windows replaced in 2004.

This is a splendid, spacious pub, a short walk from the bay front, but retaining its heritage look and feel. No more so than the fabulous mahogany construction behind the bar, with its columns and arches, and the 2 rope clad original pillars. It attracts a mix of office workers, opera singers, locals and tourists, the latter especially in the Summer months. A mix of Italian and British bar staff are very welcoming, offering a mix of pasta and traditional meals.It gets lively at weekends with 60's and 70's live music.

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