Lorna's garden

She'll probably object saying it's her mother's garden, and of course it was her mother whose idea it was to create a botanical garden at their house on the Firth of Forth, but Lorna is the caretaker now and even doing/upholding/weeding this enormous garden with vegetation from all over the Southern Hemisphere all on her own. Today's weather was splendid enough, certainly after yesterday's thoroughly wet and grey day.

It was great seeing Lorna again, with time enough to discuss all the problems in the world and sit in the sun with the cats. You may notice the rather big patch of blanket algae in the front pond, I can assure you that it's all removed now :-) I also had far too much cake, but they all were delicious and tomorrow is another fasting day anyway. 

Thanks very much for your comments and stars on yesterday's Scottish mansion/castle.

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