A Lairds House

What a terrible day it was weatherwise and what a nice day in every other aspect. The rain was coming down in buckets and didn't look as if it was ever going to stop. First we had to move from the one house to the other on the Glenmor Estate, never great, but certainly not good when it's done in pouring rain. After which I was going to meet Daryl, whom I've known virtually for over 12 years at least as we both did the T171 course at the OU (Open University) in 2002 and then after the course joined the T171 Survivors forum at the online OU First Class system. But we never actually met until today. Daryl was over in Scotland with her husband for a family gettogether, staying at her brother-in-law's  in Dunfermline and well in this amazing 15/16th century house. Built in 1623, the two figurines on the wall are thought to be King David and King James VI and the text on top of the staircase tower says 'NI DEVS AEDIFICET DOMVM' = Except the Lord build the house (Psalm 127:1), by a very pious elder , William Menteith of Randieford. I couldn't really find a good angle to do the house justice on this rainy day. It was great meeting Daryl, her husband and her brother and sister-in law, who received me so kindly with a lovely afternoon tea.

Fingers crossed tomorrow will indeed be brighter as I'm off to visit  my friend Lorna then and hope to be able to shoot some of the wonderful flowers in her gardens.
Thanks very much for your views and comments on yesterday's afternoon tea. Lorna tells me she has spent today baking for tomorrow, so I will have even more cake :-)

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