Huntingtower Cairn

When we lived in Scotland first we used to live on a farming estate on the outskirts of Perth towards Tibbermore with a view on Huntingtower Castle and this Cairn was right at the end of the farming estate (it's actually also quite visible from the road from Perth to Crieff, right behind a petrol pump at Huntingtower). There's an old Roman road on the Gask nearby and we actually ended up living near that road again when we lived in Trinity Gask in our second home in Scotland. The Cairn in this Blip has not been explored enough to be able to date it, but it must be prehistoric. There was a find of a prehistoric hammer in the late 1800s.

We were passing it when we took the scenic road to and from Perth today to get new wellies at Dobbies and groceries at Tesco :-)

Thanks very much for your comments, stars and even a fave for the Drummond Castle Garden Blip, I could hit myself for never having visited this before !

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