Up close and personal

Up close and personal with another shocking pink peony, their reproductive hearts are really something. This for Tiny Tuesday, I did use one of my extension tubes to come just that little bit closer.
With thanks to Jensphotos who is hosting TinyTuesday this time

My knee is so annoying me, the diclofenac pills finished yesterday and so last night and today I did and do notice that the pills did take off quite a lot of the pain and the swelling. I'm trying the Voltaren ointment now, but I doubt that can get really inside. So I'm afraid I really will need to visit the local health centre and see what they can do for me.

Thanks very much for comments, stars and even three faves for yesterday's mono, I'm very sorry that I continue to lag behind with comments, half of the time I'm lying on the daybed in a rather awkward position to really use the keyboards on either the laptop or iPad.

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