Shimmering Waters

Wow! I am blown away by all the most amazing response to my 200th blip yesterday! I cannot believe that you wonderful folk have landed my 6:06 am Misty Dawn blip in second position on the first page of 'Popular', making it my most popular blip ever!!! Thank you all so very much for all your wonderful comments, stars & hearts - I truly appreciate each and every one of them and I will catch up with you just as soon as I can! :))

Update: Ok, so I may not hold the place for long but yesterday's 200th blip has just reached position number one! Woohoo! (as they say) Savouring this brief moment in time..... :))

Today I had to say goodbye to my family members who have been visiting me from Australia. It's a been a wonderful few days and I am very sorry to see them go but they have lots of other people to go and visit and you never know, I may get to go visit them in Australia sometime in the next year or two!

So late afternoon saw me disappearing off to the harbour to fill my lungs with fresh air and get some exercise - &, of course, a blip :) There was absolutely no shortage of fresh air. It was blowing a gale and I was even finding it difficult to hold the camera steady! I loved the way the light was shimmering on the water. My 'extra' for today is particularly 'shimmery'. Both images look as if I've turned it into mono but are, in fact, more or less as taken. 

I'd got my wellies on so could go exploring in the shallow water under the jetty. There's a few more shots in my Shimmering Waters album, should you care to look :)

Day 38 of Blipout2015, suggested by PaulFS,  making the most of the daylight by only blipping outdoor photos until the clocks change in October.

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