Bug heaven down my field today. The calm, much milder weather brought them out. I shot robber flies, pied shieldbugs, cardinal beetles, Mirids, wasp beetles, weevils and caterpillars. I was astounded to find a minute Roesel's bush cricket nymph and that got me singing Nymphs and Shepherds. Quite appropriate as I shot a shepherd the other day and Flora's holiday is at the beginning of May.

I've decided to post the first damselfly that I have photographed this season, a blue-tailed one. I saw a red on Monday but didn't manage to capture it and anyway it had a damaged abdomen with a kink in it. 

I've driven from Tillingham to near Harlow this evening. I can report that there was a very good turnout for the poll in my Dengie Hundred home village. The roads around the polling station were thronged with people walking to vote.

As I entered Harlow I was greeted by large fun group of blues, including a completely blue man. I flashed my lights at them. Shame I couldn't flash my lucky blue knickers. :)

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