By Peahen

Belinda and the balloon

Today was absolutely the last day of trying to get a shot for the Smash! OCA project. I went to the farm fully laden with absolutely tons of stuff and was lucky enough to be assisted by the wonderfully competent and enthusiastic Belinda. The blip is the last shot of the day. Somewhat inspired by Karl Taylor's photographs of exploding paint-covered balloons, I did a very low-rent version with foil stars inside the balloons and the pinkest of cheap conditioners splodged on the outside. The balloon was burst with a pin sticky-taped to a knitting needle, and Bob's your uncle (or your father-in-law). I did get some photos on Chris's camera too, which has a faster burst rate than mine (ba dum tish...) but as he's disabled the LCD screen I have no idea if any of them came out. No worries if not, this one will do the job. Next time I'll blur the background, line it up properly and get a bit less hand, but this will do me just fine even if it turns out to be the only one. Thank you Belinda.

All I am going to say about the election result is this: Mr Clegg - thank you for setting up free school meals for infant children. Thank you for not means-testing this, and for recognising that feeding a child a healthy meal at school is a good, human and sensible thing to do, regardless of how much that child's parents earn or don't earn. Thank you for hugely increasing the range of things that my daughter will eat. I'm sorry to see you go.

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