By Peahen

Don't be fooled by appearances.

This might look like a cute, pink frivolous retractable key fob, with a Beatthestreets fob attached. The girl knows better, it is a spy multi-tool. On the tow-path she clipped one end to her pocket, pulled the other end out to its full range, held it above her head and ran down the hill shouting "Wheee! Zip line!" The same line can be used to trip villains, and the pink face swivels to disclose a high intensity laser which will blind attackers (cunningly disguised as a mirror). When the spies are doing Beat the Streets they can also use it to swipe the boxes and get their points.

So now you know. Sadly, the Beatthestreets website seems to broken (or suffering a "glitch" to use the supplier's terminology). B is not particularly impressed by her balance showing zero on the day when she's pretty much walked her legs off. Hopefully it'll be fixed next week.

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