By BrightNBreezy1

Wash day blues?

I'm not a creature of habit so the fact that the washing was done on a Monday is more circumstantial than planned! I have realised however that I am a little unusual in that I still have an old fashioned wash line and prop! 40ft of washing blowing in the breeze!

The bottom of the garden is filled with redundant items and WILL be cleared this year! After trying all sorts the... errr... tasteful plastic heron was the only thing that saved our fish from the real thing - but as both the fish and the pond have now gone he needs to fly off to the heron retirement home. The trampoline hasn't had a bounce for at least two years and my summer house is cluttered with a table tennis table that no longer sees the light of day.  

This is the year for ridding my life of unwanted objects ... only the cat is safe!!

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