By Viewpoint

In my cup!

I've been struggling for photographic inspiration recently - perhaps hardly surprising given everything that's been going on with my mum's health, not forgetting that I've also been immersed in art-printmaking.  I came across the 365 challenge in the PSA magazine this morning, so I thought I might give it a try (I might not make it everyday but I'm not going to beat myself up!)  I've always found that I've come up with a few photo gems when I've set out on one of these challenges - so here goes.  This has been a rather rushed start as we've been to a funeral of one of Ann's very long standing friends today - she was almost 90 and managed a long , apart from the last few years, fully engaged life.  Ann enjoyed catching up with the gossip from one of her old school colleagues.

p.s. taken with the lens baby - something else I haven't used much for a while. 

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