Favourite Pair

My personal day 2 of the PSA 365 Challenge

A day for catching up:
An early visit to the doctors for me - I can hear again now - whoopee!  Also tracking down what's happened to mum's prescription with the various pharmacies attached to our doctor's practice.

A chance to get upset, that despite some of the best club marks for our set of images that we submitted as a camera club to the Yorkshire Region Exhibition we didn't get one print accepted for display!  I got my highest mark to date, but no acceptance.  In previous years I've been awarded a certificate for images with a lower mark :(

Other than that - I've done plenty of households maintenance things  - we have far more of them now there are three of us living here :( 

Oh and before I forget - my `favourite pair'  of kitchen scissors were made in the US and were bought in John Lewis - I must be one of those aspiring members of the middle classes who were not supposed to have supported labour in the last election.  Maybe our downfall is that we also shop in Lidle and Asda and Morrisons though rarely in Waitrose  (though we do use our local Budgens!)  This is something of a national joke so might be lost on anyone from overseas - something the national election pundits came up with to explain labours failure to win in the recent election.  We're thinking that we need to recruit an army who could help us rebuild Hadrian's Wall along the border of South Yorkshire and then we can vote for Nicola too - I suppose it would be easier to move to Scotland.

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