Wide Angle Wednesday: Odd – WidWed11

WidWed11  – ‘Odd Accidental Photograph’ or ‘Selfie with a Difference’.
Chantler63 set a brainstormer this week.  What can I do for ‘odd’ trying to keep away from 3s, 5s, 7s etc.
At first I thought of an “Odd way to Use Hair Oil” following on from yesterday’s ‘Sad Story’, and in attempts to get a photo I managed to get the lighting all wrong on my first shots but when I looked at this one I just had to use it.  If I had tried to get that effect .  .  .  You’ve just got to admit it is odd.
After struggling with head shots for a while Mrs W, who was going through the dictionary and coming up with odd suggestions mentioned socks – Ok!!  So then the focus of activity was on odd socks so I also give you:
“Odd Socks” – or perhaps “Odd Bodkins” – or most definitely “I’ve Got Another Pare Just Like These At Home  .  .  . !!”

Just for a change today's blip actually looks better on a light background.

(I’m afraid I did not spend a lot of time working on the extra shots – there for illustration only)

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