Tales of the Riverbank

Another walk along the riverbank this morning and I just got home in time for the rain to start!  The only duck still enough to photography today was this sleepy one :)

Later, just as I put my camera away, along came the family of ducklings  and I got a quick picture of them fleeing away from me down river (in my extras).

I'm having a lot of problems with the zoom on my camera just now and wondering what I'm doing wrong.  When the zoom is out full (14-42), it is very slow to take a picture...then the pictures end up quite blurred :(  Any suggestions?

I'd like to apologise for a comment I made on my blip yesterday about the Conservatives...  I'm basically just really annoyed that the retirement age has been put up (whichever party was responsible)!  

Having worked all my life since 17 (apart from illness), I don't really want to have to work these extra years they're putting on everyone as I'm already getting worn out doing a full days work (I can't afford to work less hours though, either).  Government policies don't take people like me into account. I feel...

Anyway, I really wasn't getting at any of you  (just the government, whichever party) so if I did, many apologies! 

I came home after work and shopping and was so cold, I put the heating on and now I'm on the sofa in pjs :)

Happy Thursday folks :)

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